Exploring the area

Avenue de Champagne

Avenue de Champagne has been recognized as a “Site Remarquable du Goût” since 1994. This accreditation gives it national heritage status and was awarded by a committee comprising the Ministries of Agriculture, Culture, Ecology and Tourism, which selects sites for their exceptional links between architecture, culture and gastronomy… Once an ordinary thoroughfare, Avenue de Champagne is now home to the world’s biggest champagne houses. This straight, mile-long avenue is lined with champagne and townhouses with typical late-nineteenth-century architecture.

For anyone who enjoys a stroll, or has an interest in architecture and champagne, it’s a fascinating area well worth a visit!


Our favorite place for sweets

Our favorite place for sweets

For the most fond of good food
The Fossier house offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself into the review of its mythical pink biscuits.

A guided tour will be followed by a tasting.

Between greed and culture, you will find here true tastes of traditional food.

Also discover all the different range of pink biscuits in the shop which adjoins the biscuit making.
Opening on Wednesdays only



Urban II

This is a site worth visiting for its fantastic panoramic views over the vineyards and neighbouring villages. Urban II, who was born in Châtillon-sur-Marne, was elected pope in 1088. A huge 110-ft statue of him overlooks Marne Valley.




A scenic and interesting attraction just half an hour’s drive from the hotel

Verzenay lighthouse, which was built in 1909, is a curiosity in the Champagne region. Overlooking a “sea of vineyards”, it was designed by Joseph Goulet to promote his make of champagne.

But the fun ended when the war started. French soldiers used the lighthouse as a watchtower. It was then left to fall into ruin…

In 1987, Verzenay bought the lighthouse and saved it from collapse. It was then developed into a tourist attraction. And the Vine Museum opened in 1999.

With its incredible views, exhibitions and champagne tastings, we think that you will enjoy your visit!

Don’t hesitate to ask us for directions…